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Deadline to Submit any Nominations


The nomination’s committee for the AHS Athletic Booster Club would like to invite you to get involved for the 2012-2013 school year.  The Athletic Booster Club is an organization of parents, teachers and administrators who support all athletes at AHS in many ways. We are looking for strong, enthusiastic and hard working individuals to make our program a success.

All positions in the Booster Club are voted on each year.  As per the by-laws, if you are a current member of the booster club and in good standings, you are able to run for any position.

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else to become part of the Athletic Booster Club, please send an email to [email protected], no later then Thursday April 12th.

Below you will see a list of positions and their job description.  If there is a name listed for that position,
it means that last year’s person will be running on the ballot for the position again. If any position has the word “OPEN” next to it, this means that last year’s person will not be returning or has served their tenure.

The election will take place at the monthly booster club meeting on Monday, May 7th and all members of the current booster club will be allowed to vote.

Board of Directors Positions must attend all meetings according to by-laws.

President— Will preside at all meetings of the BC; all meetings of the Board of Directors, will have general supervision over the affairs of the Booster Club.
Karen Russell
Vice President-– the Vice President will substitute in all things for the President in the President’s absence or disability.
Ed Blanchfield

Secretary— Shall attend all meetings and keep minutes;  keeps all corporate records and papers and perform other duties as are incident of the position as directed by the BOD.

Terri Walker
Treasurer— keeps full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements in the books and records; deposits all funds in the name and to the credit of the BC, disburse the funds of the BC upon authorization of the Board; present an accurate account of all transactions and a report on the financial condition of the BC at the annual meeting in May.  Will prepare the financial books for the audit and assist in preparing an annual budget to be approved by the board.
Charlie Ransome
VP -Merchandise-– Responsible for ordering, selling and keeping inventory of AHS merchandise.
VP – Membership– Responsible for keeping track of all who join the Booster Club.
VP – Program— Responsible for overseeing the production of the All Sports Program.  Responsible for seeking corporate sponsorship ads, as well as seeking personal ads from AHS athletes/parents.
Melanie Remy

VP – Banquets–
Responsible for the overall coordination of the Awards Banquets.
Dee Spears

VP – Concessions
— Responsible for keeping indoor and outdoor concessions stocked and inventoried for the year.  Teach sports coordinators the procedures for selling merchandise.
Mary Jane Furrh
VP – Webmaster-– Responsible for keeping website up to date with all sports and booster club information.
Melanie Remy

Sports Coordinator Positions

Duties:  You will need to attend monthly booster club meetings and report to the coach about the meeting.  You need to assist the coach with kickoff meeting, coaches meetings, fundraising, end of year banquet, yard sign/decal sales, concessions, and any other duties specific to your sport.

Basketball (B)
Dee Spears
Basketball (G)
Marlon Heard
Phoebe Heard
Cathy Gilbert

Cross Country
Amy Hausman
Albert Muller

Sheri Scribe
Donna Pogue
Soccer  (B)
Jan Sherman
Soccer (G)
Scott Goggans
Kim Lagunas
Ed Lagunas
Rosemarie Smith


Track (B)

Track (G)
Dahl Hurst

Kelli Wyatt
Cindy Blair