Thanks for considering joining the Stephen F Austin Athletic Booster Club and supporting our Bulldog Athletes! We can’t do it without generous donors like you!

Join and pay online today! Questions? Email Us! To navigate to checkout, choose the “BULLDOG RED” REGISTER ONLINE/JOIN NOW below, and it will take you straight to check out.  If you wish to donate directly to a particular sport(s), please print form (link below) and attach a check. More info on direct donations coming soon!

NOTES: To be eligible for end of year “general fund” distributions, all sports must reach the following goals:

  • Membership: 30%+ of their sport’s Rank One roster
  • Hold a Fundraiser (proceeds go directly to sport)
  • Participate in the Booster Club’s FALL and SPRING fundraisers



L50: $50 Membership (One Athlete)
L150: $50 Membership (One Athlete) + $100 Sport Donation
L200: $50 Membership (One Athlete) + $150 Sport Donation
L250: $50 Membership (One Athlete) + $200 Sport Donation
L300: $50 Membership (One Athlete) + $250 Sport Donation
L350: $50 Membership (One Athlete) + $300 Sport Donation
L400: $50 Membership (One Athlete) + $350 Sport Donation
L450: $50 Membership (One Athlete) + $400 Sport Donation
L500: $50 Membership (One Athlete) + $450 Sport Donation
L550: $50 Membership (One Athlete) + $500 Sport Donation


$50 Pawprint | Booster Club Member

$75 Pawprint | Non-Booster Club Member

One Name | Sidewalk to Fields & Field House | One Year

FALL DEADLINE #1: October 11, 2019

FALL DEADLINE #2: December 6, 2019

SPRING DEADLINE : February 8, 2019


Thanks to GENEROUS SUPPORTERS, The SFAABC Booster Club makes MAJOR purchase for the sports programs that the District and Sport-Specific Fundraisers can’t cover!
Here’s a list of the last few years purchases!

Updated Field House & Weight Equipment.

Continued field improvements.

Sport-Specific Requests

Promoted school spirit at various events (2019-20)

Sponsored Touchdown Club Award tables for Coaches.

Sponsored Fall & Spring tournament and meet fees (Fall 2020)

Awarded over $24K in last 3 years.

Awarded $3K for 2019-20 due to COVID-Related Memberships.

Please consider supporting the AHS Booster Club in 2020-21. 

Money struggles are real due to changes at AHS and COVID.

Most sports benefitted and received some from of funds!