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BYLAWS: AHS BC ByLaws (rev. 6 2017)

The Stephen F. Austin Athletic Booster Club is a non-profit organization of families, friends, teachers and administrators who assist our athletes achieve their athletic and academic goals.  We believe high school sports can be a means of defining character and teaching life lessons.  Our Booster Club is dedicated to maximizing that experience for all Austin athletes by giving them the funds they need to excel, with the proper equipment and facilities.

Money raised by the Athletic Booster Club is donated to the Austin High School athletic programs as follows:

  • Cash Donations to Individual Sports
    • The Athletic Booster Club makes two cash donations (one in the fall and one in the spring) to each of the sports at Austin High School who participate in the Booster Club through membership and fundraising.
    • This money is available to the coaches to purchase equipment and supplies not supplied by the school district but needed for their athletes.
    • All purchases require the approval of the Athletic Director and Booster Club Board of Directors.
  • Specific Funding Requests
    These requests are initiated by the Athletic Department based on overall needs. Typically the funding is used to acquire major equipment or improve facilities for the athletic program.
  • Scholarships
    At the end of each school year 4 scholarships are funded for graduating student athletes—2 female and 2 male athletes. The scholarship award recipients are selected by the Scholarship Committee of the Athletic Booster Club.

We need you to join us to achieve these goals for our athletes.  Our largest revenue source is membership.  Don’t be a bystander, join us by becoming a member.

A copy of the current Athletic Booster Club Financial Report is available to Athletic Booster Club members. Copies may be obtained by contacting the Treasurer of the Athletic Booster Club.